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RESULTS: Brass In Concert 2018

The Cory Band under Philip Harper’s leadership once again take the Brass In Concert crown.

Nick Grace & Rieks van der Velde (Music Quality of Performance)
Chris King (Programme Content)
Jeremy Wise & Terry Carter (Entertainment & Presentation)
Owen Farr (Soloist and Individual Awards)

Music/Music/Content/Entertainment = Total
Grace/van der Velde /King/Wise/Carter= Total

1. Cory (Phillip Harper): 60/60/38/19/20: 197
2. Carlton Main Frickley Colliery (Paul Holland): 57/54/36/18/16:181
3. Brighouse & Rastrick (Dr David Thornton): 48/57/40/13/18:176
4. Manger Musikklag (Martin Philip Winter): 54/51/34/16/19:174
5. Fountain City (Dr Joseph Parisi): 51/45/26/20/17:159
6. Foden’s (Michael Fowles): 45/48/32/17/15:157
7. Flowers (Lee Skipsey): 42/39/28/15/14:138
8. Whitburn (Leigh Baker): 36/42/30/14/13:135
9. Hammonds (Morgan Griffiths): 39/36/24/12/10:121
10. Reg Vardy (Russell Gray): 30/33/22/11/11:107
11. Atlantic Brass Band (Salvatore Scarpa): 33/30/20/10/12:105

Individual Awards:
Don Lusher Trombone Award: Chris Thomas (Cory)
Harry Mortimer Best Principal Cornet Award: Kirsty Abbotts (Carlton Main Frickley Colliery)
The Fesa Trophy for Best Flugel Award: Helen Williams (Cory)
The Gateshead MBC Trophy for Best Soprano Award: Ryan Sharp (Fountain City)
The Louis and Colin Johnson Trophy for Best Percussion Section: Fountain City
Best Euphonium: Gary Curtin (Foden’s)
Best Baritone: Paul Haigh (Carlton Main Frickley Colliery)
Best Horn: Emily Evans (Flowers)
John Fletcher Best Basses Award: Flowers
Best Entertainment and Presentation: Cory
Audience Entertainment Prize: Cory
Best Programme Content: Cory
Quality of Performance: Cory
Best Soloist: Paul Richards (soprano) Flowers
New Composition/Arrangement Award: Jacob Vilhelm Larsen
Winning MD: Philip Harper
Youngest Player: Keir Evans Brown (Hammonds) aged 17

*full results courtesy of 4br

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