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RESULTS: Elland Silver Band 30th Anniversary Slow Melody & Quartet & Duet Contest

The event was held in the splendid surroundings of Blackley Baptist Church, Elland. With the contest having been given a complete overhaul, the competitors & audience enjoyed the lovely acoustics of the church, and were given the opportunity to perform with piano accompaniment, with the adjudicator being able to take full advantage of open adjudication.  This years contest also offered a separate warm up facility and refreshment area, and on site parking.

Adjudicator, Roger Webster, praised the organisation for staging such an excellent event, before giving the young competitiors advice on how to get the most out of your performance and to enjoy your playing and not to worry about small blemishes, which happen to all performers of all abilities. He also praised the young performers on their varied choice of music, which suited the occasion.

The addition of the piano accompaniment really added to the occasion, and benefited the young performers. Secretary, Kathleen Harrison told A4B: “We must thank all of our many volunteers for helping to steward the event, and especially Roger for his most encouraging comments and feedback and our wonderful pianist, David Hall. We hope to continue the contest into the future, “

To celebrate the anniversary of the contest, the senior band presented an evening concert, which featured four of thing winning soloists. Thanks must also go to our sponsors Band Supplies Leeds, who provided vouchers to all the winners.

A date for next year’s event has yet to be announced.

Junior Novice
1st  – Eleanor Martin, Elland Silver Youth
2nd  – Izabel Young, Longroyde Junior School
3rd – Seth Barber, Elland Training

Most Promising Player – Thomas Musgreave, Elland Silver Youth

11 Years & Under
1st – Annie Stewart, Warrington Concert Band/Fodens Youth
2nd – Anya Jenkins, Elland Training
3rd – Skye Stokes, Barnsley Metropolitan

Adjudicators Award – Casey Reynolds, Elland Starter Band

14 Years & under
1st – Ted Crosby, Elland Silver Youth
2nd – Joshua Skyrme, Elland Silver Youth
3rd – Wilson Baker, Elland Training

16 Years & under
1st – Amelia Lewis, Elland Silver Youth
2nd – Ethan McCabe, Elland Silver youth
3rd – Sarah Wilson, Elland Silver Youth

Junior Duets
1st – Joshua & Hannah Skyrme, Gawthorpe Brass 85

Open Age
1st – Patricia Woodings, Ratby
2nd – Adam Galloway, Besses O’th Barn
3rd – Tim Galloway, Independent

1st – Patricia Woodings, Ratby
2nd – Ian Walker, Elland Adult Brass
3rd – Christ Nort,  Vintage Brass

Senior Duets
1st – Martin & Ted Crosby, BD1
2nd – Chris North & Davina Holt, Vintage Brass
3rd – Samantha Harrison & Celeste Sowerby, Elland Silver Youth

Senior Quartets
1st – HD9
2nd – Ehe
3rd – Spring Chickens

Youngest player – Casey Reynolds
Best Euphonium – Davina Holt
Best Cornet – Tim Galloway
Best Trombone – Amelia Lewis
Best Soprano – Ted Crosby
Best Bass – Matthew Williams
Best Tenor Horn – Patricia Woodings
Oldest Competitor- John Dale
Highest Mark Elland Silver – Anya Jenkins

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