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LIVE: NW Regional Championship 2020 – Section 3


1. Hazel Grove

2. Lockstock Hall Memorial

3. Pilling Jubilee Silver

4. Darwen

5. City of Chester

6. Hoover Bolton

Best Percussionists – Hazel Grove

Opinion :

So thats it, a fine contest, a spectrum of performances of a piece i feel was not technically demanding in her of intricacies yet of ensemble balance, dynamics and solo ‘guts’ it had a lot.

Well done to all the bands

I won’t pick a top six since the variance i consider is narrow. Coward aren’t I!

We’ll see what Messurs Garmen and Kilroy have to say

As for me I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the day

Thank you Roberto :- )

Band 17- Darwen Brass

Variation 1

I like the start yet some nerves show

Tubas overpower

Variation 2

Exciting stuff

Music flows well

A good sop solo

Good troms

Variation 3

This is a good sop player

Good chord structures with fantastic tuba foundations

The sounds build well and climax in resounding chorus

Variation 4

I like the pace and style here

Good from sounds and balance

Well done cornets to precise

Good cornet fanfare just spoilt by a tad of tuning and over blowing

Euph/horn interchange good and tuba enhances


Variation 5

Solo cornet does well as demos sop when joining

Well done bell peels grows into a magnificent sound

A glorious ending and finale


A solid impressive performance well done indeed


Band 16 – Thornton Cleveleys

Variation 1

A good atmospheric start

Variation 2

Good articulation and clarity of line

Variation 3

Sop does well

Horns a little light in volume

Lower end nice sound but rather heavy

Cornet fanfares inaccurate and some tuning problems

Ends well

Variation 4

Nice tuba duet, and lower ed sounds in general

Euph a good attempt

Horn does well

Lower cob rent tuning distracts

Variation 5

Well played solo cornet

A nice band sound leading out of the bell peel

Cornets tire at the end which causes tuning problems


Another commendable performance which had many fine moments


Band 15 – Rode Hall Silver

Variation 1

A good start

Nice variation of dynamics

Variation 2

Horn a tad scrappy followed by Sop

Tuning problems n cornets

Sound builds nicely

Good lower end sound

Variation 3

Well graduated dydnamics

I like the pulsing bases, creates a menicing atmosphere.

Cornet fanfares are not accurate, tuning spoils and dare I say the odd wrong note

Variation 4

A good attempt trom. Nice full tuba sound

Well played Mr Euph as nice solo. Some good solo interaction

Variation 5

Well played solo cornet a beautiful sound played with poise and class

I heard the start of bells peeling yet the band overpowers the remaining

A good full ending


A commendable performance


Band 14 – Lockstock Hall Memorial

Variation 1

Clips spoil the start, yet good Flugel helps to correct

Band sound has clarity of in lines

Variation 2

Good Euph/Flugel, Horn a tad scrappy

Horns inaccurate

Sop dominates, yet has a fine sound

Variation 3

Nice cornet fanfare

I detect wrong noted in cornets

Variation 4

Nice baritone solo, tuba duet solid as are lower tuba sounds

Good euph project the sound well. Horn enhances

A nice ending and lead into cornet solo

Variation 5

Nice solo cornet work

Good well balance lower sounds

Bell sounds grow nicely but become scrappy to the end

A little overblowing in cornets to finish which hurts


A good performance of some merit spoiled by some scrappy moments


Band 13 – Sale Brass

Variation 1

A good start

Variation 2

A tad scrappy, sounds are upbeat which adds

Cornet tuning distracts

Variation 3

Bright sounds, which is good

I feel the Sop is a little insecure

Again cornet tuning spoils

Variation 4

The tempo seems quite fast, leading to inaccuracies in cornets

I’m hearing sounds not present in other performances

Good Euph and horn interchange

Variation 5

The solo cornet sits well within the band sound yet i feel this should’nt  be

The bell peel is spoilt by tuning towards the end


Some good moments in a commendable performance marred by cornet tuning


Band 12 – Pilling Jubilee Silver

Variation 1

Cornet tuning distracts in the opening bars

Winds up well

Variation 2

Cornets struggle with articulation

Sop – A good solo attempt

A tidy variation

Variation 3

All fairly average

Variation 4

Balanced tubas to start, good

Some tuning issues in cornets in fanfare and sustained notes

Nice trom and again tubas shine

Good counter solo work all lines heard

Variation 5

Solo cornet has nice sound yet could project more

Bell peel adds but then I feel we loose the excitement

Cornet section sound tired at the end



Well don a fair performenace


Band 11 – Greenall’s

Variation 1

Bravo Flugel and Baritone

All together and comfortable, ready to gig

Variation 2

I feel the sound is wooly, which may be a hall factor

Its all very nice and ‘twee’, lacks excitement.

Variation 3

Nicely played variation

Variation 4

Tubas a tad heavy i consider

The playing poses menacing and austere, which i think is the intention

Euph and tuba solos are fair attempts. I like the lower tuba sound

Variation 5

Trom struggles initially and spoils a quality cornet solo, well played

Nice ‘bell peel effect’.

Stamina fades towards the end


A fair account


Band 10 – Hoover Bolton

Variation 1

Some tuning issues to start

A fairly muted, ‘dank’  variation 1.

Variation 2

I think this should be a lively, exciting movement yet i feel it lacks spirit and enthusiasm

Variation 3

Sop does well.

No major slips here but it all travels along very timidly

There appears to be little range in dynamics and all is rather average

Tuning issues appear in cornets

Variation 4


Time, ticks away again with interludes of solos and reminisces of the gig. Euph does well as does horn

It is all rather macabre


Variation 5

A nice solo cornet sound, a good as any today

Back row cornets struggle

All very flat line but a good ending


A commendable, brave attempt.


Band 9 – Parr St Helens

Variation 1

An unorthodox band formation (Tubas where normal back row cornets). Will it benefit?

I consider the band sound is unbalanced in this formation.

No major slips to start

Variation 2

The gig sounds subdue and lacks the spontaneity and excitement

Variation 3

I think the sound sound be menacing and inhospitable yet  is a tad diluted and ‘damp’

Variation 4

Soloist try hard yet struggle with sound. This big hall sound help but solo lines are lost and weak.

Variation 5

Again i feel that soloist need to be ‘soloist’ and perform with in style, projecting and leading.

Overall :

A commendable performance yet the I consider the unorthodox band formation did not help yet hindered


Band 8 – Trinity Girls

Variation 1

Some insecurities in the starting phrases

Overall a good variation with minor slips

Variation 2

Nice cornet ensemble sound

some super middle band sounds

Variation 3

Good sop to begin the variation

Well played through put

Variation 4

Well played from and Eb tuba

Flu gel again have a good moment

Some in accuracies in cornet/s spoil

Euph makes good sounds

Variation 5

Cornet plays with emotion which chances the musicality

I am unsure of the Ernest Shackleton /Endurance story but the music indicate release and triumph I will check.,


A fine performance, well done


Band 7 – City of Chester

Variation 1

Good flugel and Baritone starts the variation

The gig bounces along nicely with all solo lines well played

I suppose the variation depicts the air of expectation and excitement of and expedition to a in hospitable land. the playing achieves this.

Variation 2

A well played variation

Variation 3

Good tubas I like the sound and then the interjection of horn . Impressive cornet fanfare.

Some bold austere sounds depict the nature of the suggested environment

Variation 4

Time ticks away, of Endurance bound by ice.

Solo interjections resemble activity on an otherwise solid circumstance, well played solos

Variation 5

I like the trombone sound well played sir

The sound builds  nicely and controlled to the final passages and chord.

Overall :

An admiral performance


Band 6 – Hawk Green

Variation 1

A confident opening.

I feel a little under tempo

Lacks clarity of lines especially in Cornets

Variation 2

A good variation

Variation 3

The band sound is menacing

Good tubas

Variation 4

I feel the trom and tuba could be more solecistic in approach to solos

Some solo lines cannot be heard at the back of the room

We heard they work together well

Variation 5

Nice solo cornet

Good ending, well done

Overall :

A fine committed performance


Band 5 – Whitworth Vale and Heale

Variation 1

Balanced start with good sounds.

Gig resounds with jollity. Some good sop players and flugels to be heard today

Variation 2

Nice cornet and horn ensemble work

I like how the band builds in sound

Variation 3

Nice pulsating tubas

The music has a menacing atmosphere

Some scrappiness in cornets distracts from an other wise enjoyable variation

Variation 4

Well paid Eb tubas

The solo work interchanges been instruments well.

A lovely solemn ending

Variation 5

Well played a variation which was a pleasure to listen to.

Overall :

A good performance of some merit


Band 4 – Irvington and Adlington

Variation 1

A quiet start controlled start with some good solo lines

Well young man on Sop

The music build nicely into,..

Variation 2

Good ensemble work, with good inner sounds

Well done again young sir on Sop

Variation 3

Tubas in good form as are horns which price a fine sound

Cornets are tight well done

I enjoyed this variation

Variation 4

Nice from to start with clockwork cornet

Tuba/euph combination works well

Well played horn and baritone

Variation 5

Few slips in slo cornet yet overall well played

Cornets ensemble grows well.

A fine climax to the piece and solid ending

Overall : 

Some good moments and an enjoyable performance


Band 3 – Formby

Variation 1

A good start with nice sounds which grows, and depicts a sense of jollity

Sop plays a nice gig well done,

Inner sounds are clearly heard with good balance

Variation 2

I like the inter sounds of horns and the growing sounds gives a sense adventure

Variation 3

Pulsing tubas are good with fine fanfare cornents.

A good movement with accurate rythms

Variation 4

Flugel plays well here, he breath of sound os good with attention to dynamics

Fine trom/euph combination

There some lively warm tuba sounds

Solo cornet a little insecure I feel yet confidence grows

Variation 5

The MD directs well here and pulls the band to fine ending, albeit it does has Fraternity leanings


I enjoyed the performance of some merit


Band 2 – Hazel Grove

Variation 1

Well done Flugel,  nice opening which can’t be easy in this cavernous hall.

Variation 2

I sense the band middle sounds are being lost which may be a fair of the hall acoustic

Sop well done

Variation 3

Starts well, star war sounds here, which are impressive

Cornet tuning hurts or may eve me wrong notes

Variation 4

Good trom and tuba lead to a nice section of lovely blended sounds

Euph well played sir, senses of ‘Fraternity’ opening

I like the sonorous band sound which help with musicality

Variation 5

Has a nice lilt and flow to it, senses of ‘Variations of a Shining River’

The ending grows Fraternity + Variations of a Shining River = a nice ending


A fine performance which captured the essence and context of the piece.


Endurance is a set of ‘narrative variations’ for brass band inspired by the story of Ernest Shackleton’s epic journey across the Southern Ocean in 1914-16 and takes its title from his doomed ship, which was trapped and crushed by the Antarctic ice early in the expedition.

Band 1 – Douglas Town

A well balance structured opening

Nice sop playing enhances a good cornet sound

Good tuba and euph solos and complimented by fine horn playing

The ensemble playing has merit

Slight solo cornet slips distract in solo passages

The band portrays the brooding atmosphere and perspective of Antartica well


A good opener

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