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Live: NW Regional Championships 2020 – 4th Section


1. Band 8 – BMP Europe Goodshaw

2. Band 14 – Skelmersdale Prize

3. Band 2 – Littleborough

4. Band 1 – Brindle

5. Band 13 – Morecambe

6. Band 12 – Golborne Brass

Best Percussion – Band 1 – Brindle

Best Trombone – Band 2 – Littleborough



A fine contest with such a lovely piece of music I guess to play (I haven’t) and for me to listen too. Music very depictive of the story it attempts to tell or picture it tries to paint.

I was much impressed by the number of young players around the stand today who we should congratulate and encourage, well done.


The second half of the contest appeared to be shift in quality of performance which included a trilogy excellent performances from band number  12 Golborne Brass,13 Morecambe and 14 Skelmersdale

Not wishing to impose Roberto’s kiss of death yet for me my top three could be,…

1. Skelmersdale

2. Golborne Brass

3. Morecambe


Band 16 – Denton Brass  

Journey to Neverland  

A little insecure to start yet settles later.

Again some very young players around the stand and am encouraged to hear good sounds

The tempo is well controlled.

Some imbalance, yet to be expected with young players


The windows that closed  

A good transition to the slow movement

Euphonium, well done young man

This is a cavernous hall and some of these players are dwarfed, yet bravo for the spirit on display here

Just as hard if not harder to play quietly as loudly. The band exhibit merit here


Abroad the Pirate Ship   

Not a forceful sound yet pleasant well done

The band are making a good attempt at this and I am inspired by them

A young conductor directs his young ‘pirates’ well.


Bravo, a very spirited attempt from a band with such young players and a fair number of gaps. I am so pleased this band chose to compete rather as I expect some would,.. ‘withdraw’. Kudos to you all

Band 15 – Red Admirable Brass  

Journey to Neverland   

I hear tuning issues to start, yet as clears as dynamic increases

Lacks accuracy in cornets yet there are some really young players in this band, so bravo for a good attempt.

All good with bell chimes

The lead into the slow movement is good


The windows that closed

Solo cornet, well done young man

I like the warm tender sound the band produces here

The band give effect, picture to the music

Tuning at time isn’t all it should be yet will improve in time, given such young players

A good close to the movement


Abroad the Pirate Ship 

Well done band, I like the style of the music here.

Good clarity in all lines

Dynamic used to good effect

Tempo is well controlled



A good performance from a band with so many young players.


Band 14 – Skelmersdale Prize  

Journey to Neverland  

Comfortable opening which leads to a nice horn/euph melody line

A nice balanced band sounds

The music flows well and depicts a ‘happy journey’ and chiming bells and I suppose London approaches


The windows that closed    

The music  should and does have tenderness, to depict Peter return to find his mother.

I feel passion from the music which is carved by the MD

The band are musically and emotional in tune with each other, bravo

Ah well a closed window, musically excellent


Abroad the Pirate Ship  

And off we go, aboard the Pirate Ship, Captan Jack Sparrow, Blue Beard, captain Hook or whoever, Kraken and rum and all that clearly in mind.

Good playing from all around the stand.

Could be film music


Another fine performance, bravo


Band 13 – Morecambe

Journey to Neverland

A positive start

Horns melody is hard to here, logically either the band is loud or horns soft

Good tuba line

As the movement progressed the I feel than gained confidence

A good end to the movement


The windows that closed  

Nice solo cornet  well supported by the band

There is feeling in the music which is coaxed by the MD Well done sop,

A good movement

Abroad the Pirate Ship

Neat playing and articulate

I like the syndic contrast

Nice tram sounds

The MD fires direction like Harry Potter does spells, the band reacts

A good most atmospheric ending to a journey through Neverland, well done



A fine performance of much merit, bravo, well done


Band 12 – Golborne Brass    

Journey to Neverland  

I like the first fist note, and the the start overall.

The band settles well and you feel the band is at ease with the piece.

Solid tubas give foundation to some good playing

A good ending and transition to ‘windows’


The windows that closed 

Some solo’istic work is heard, and is nice

Well doe solo cornet and euph

The music has quality and the MD brings forth much

Tenderness is felt and i have standing hairs,… well done says a lot

The movement ends well


Abroad the Pirate Ship  

The music flows well

I see the Black Pearl at sea and skull and cross bones, which I suggest is communication of music well done.



An excellent performance i enjoyed listening too, well done


Band 11 – Stacksteads    

Journey to Neverland

Some nice moment to begin.

Cornet clips distract

Horn sound is smooth with nice tuba accompaniment

Chiming bells are not even, yet otherwise well played


The windows that closed  

Well played solo cornet

Euph a little quiet

MD demands music, sometime  the band responds yet not always

The ending is a little disjointed


Abroad the Pirate Ship  

Good sop if a little strident

Good controlled tempo

Noted attempts and dynamic swells.

Good finish to the  performance



A good performance of merit


Band 10 – St John’s Mossley   

Journey to Neverland 

A nice opening

Cornet sound does no blend well in places and tuning issues evolve

Nice chiming bell effect

Euph lead well in the text movement


The windows that closed  

Nice solo cornet if a little tentative initially

Warming Euph solo nice

Good atmospheric music here. The MD pull much from the band

The movement ends well, yet cornet tuning hinders the effect.


Abroad the Pirate Ship   

I like the Euph start to his movement.

Good cornets also add

Good controlled playing

Attempts at dynamic extremes noted



A good performance of merit


Band 9 – Cadishead Public    

We do Apologise we had a few technical difficulties during this performance


Band 8 – BMP Europe Goodshaw

Journey to Neverland  

A nice opening which lead to an impressive horn melody

Some ‘solid’ tuba sounds

I feel some cornet phrase ‘end’s are ‘snatched’ which hurt

Well done horns

Good content sounds to end, nice bells


The windows that closed

Solo cornet plays with tenderness

Euph could be a tad louder in solo section

The movement progress well and builds nicely   The ensemble playing has merit

The MD leads well and the music has shape and quality


Abroad the Pirate Ship 

Well controlled start by Euph with is take up by Sop

I like the swells and dips in dynamics adds effect

Some cornet ‘fanfares’ are not clear

Again I feel some cornet phrase ‘end’s are ‘snatched’ which are not nice and hurt



A good attempt yet some basic errors will cost


Band 7 – Dobcross Youth  

Journey to Neverland

A  very young band indeed nice to see

Some nice sounds from this band if a little under powered which is to be expected

Passages are neat and tidy


The windows that closed  

Well done solo cornet, not easy to play in touch a large resonate hall

Some tuning issues  evolve which is distracting

Well done euph nicely handled solo

The middle section develops and some really nice sounds evolve

The young band have given life to the music in to this movement


Abroad the Pirate Ship  

Nice euph starts the Pirate ship  journey

Tempos are well controlled

There is good dynamic effects

Its been a long tiring journey and this shows towards the end


A well controlled account and a worthy performance, well done


Band 6 – Stalybridge Old  

Journey to Neverland

A nice structured opening leads to some nice band sounds

Horns could be a tad louder i feel

Tuning issues and accuracy distract the chiming bells depiction


The windows that closed   

Horn/ euph combination sound nice and add tenderness

I feel the band misses opportunities to make some wonderful musical moments in this movement

The windows closes well


Abroad the Pirate Ship   

I feel clarity is lost in the opening passage by euph.

Cornets are not clear in some passages and ending of phrases are sometime ‘ragged’  and not handled well.

The movement builds nicely towards the finale passages

Some cornet notes distract in the final bars, the final rhythmic bar is not clear.



A fair performance with some merit yet tuning and articulation may hinder


Band 5 – Blackley    

Journey to Neverland  

I like the horn sound at the start of the journey

Good tubas support nicely

The chiming bells do not chime accurately


The windows that closed  

Sonorous sounds to start nice

Good control of dynamics add to the musicality of the movement

Well done Euph nicely handled solo

Some tuning issues on cornets toward the end distract what was a fine movement


Abroad the Pirate Ship 

Slight solo cornet slips distract in solo passages

The pirate ship has a nice tempo and the band controls well.The band portrays the brooding atmosphere and perspective of Antartica well

I feel that some noted are ‘clipped’ which spoils

Clarity of rhythm in cornets could be better

Tuning in the closing passages hinders



Some good points and yet too many problems which i feel will cost.


Band 4 – Ramsey Town

Journey to Neverland    

The journey begins with nice sounds, yet some tuning issues evolve

Dynamics are well controlled yet clarity of some lines is lacking.

Good transition at the end of the journey


The windows that closed  

Well done solo cornet

The band produce nice warming sounds, and the MD leads well


Abroad the Pirate Ship  

Well done percussion, at the boarding of  the pirate ship

Clarity is lost in parts

Tuning again distracts

The band tires towards the end



A good attempt, however some musical highlight were lost in the performance


Band 3 – Dobcross Silver  

Journey to Neverland

A little insecure to start, yet the journey settles and we’re on our way.

Some tuning in cornets distract.

Nice sounding horns well supported by tubas

Chiming bells sound resonantly from cornets and troms


The windows that closed    

Solo cornet does well

The movement is tenderly handled by the MD, with nice band sound emanating

All done Glockenspiel

Soprano ends a beautifully handled movement


Abroad the Pirate Ship 

Well done a pirate ship comes to mind immediately

Tempos are well controlled

Well done horns again clear and precise

Dynamics are good and ebb and flow with waves as expected

Expressive and well handled ending

An enjoyable performance



Another fine performance duly enjoyed by the large audience


Band 2 – Littleborough   

Opening is a little insecure but settles quickly.

Good rhythmic passages with attention to detail heard.

Nice sounds from tubas, troms  and horns come through

Chiming bells sound clearly.

Middle section has poise and musicality, well directed by the MD

Tender and expressive sounds, nice

Well done Soprano

Good euphs leading the closing section, the MD again directs well.

Dynamic range is good and adds effect to the contact of the piece.

The enid is well controlled, leading to atmospheric triumphant finally.



Another good performance of what is a much enjoyable piece.


Band 1- Brindle  

Opening is dramatic but has insecurities in tuning leading to a nice accel and crescendo. Lovely middle of the band sound. Cornets not quite secure in there rhythm but a good try.

Good bass sound. Dynamics not over done and some lovely lyrical playing. Well done euphs and bari’s.

Lovely middle of band sound, some good flowing music with some lovely ensemble playing.

The music is sounding well with some good dynamic contrasts.

Well done solo cornet.

Band not quite together in bell notes and intonation creeps in.

Well done Euph.

Cornets and sop not quite together in articulation.

Nice sounding troms and ensemble work.

A nice ending.


A good performance from number one spot, and so early in the morning.

A good opener well done.

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