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LIVE: NW Regional Championships 2nd Section


1st: Uppermill

2nd: Valley Brass Haydock

3rd: Eagley

4th: Delph

5th: Old hall Brass

6th: Allerton Brass

Winning conductor: Uppermill

Winning Secretary: Uppermill

Best Sop: Uppermill

Youngest Player: 9 year old Marcus Atherton Eccleston Brass

Best Bass Section: Uppermill

Percusion Award: Uppermill



That concludes the 2nd Section….. we go for:


Old Hall Brass


Valley Brass



With the DARK HORSE of Besses Boys’

Band 16 – Eccleston Brass

Tentative opening.

Big range of dynamics and very loud for dynamics marked. Very confidently played.

Well done bass, tentative from euph.

Insecure in cornet lines. Middle of band not quite accurate.

Have a few slips creeping in with in accurate rhythms and entries.

The early confidence has fallen with intonation now showing. Some good ensemble work. Well done euph.

Again cornet section is insecure. Watch intonation sop.

Some over blowing is causing the intonation slips. The big dynamic do show the quieter stuff more. Well done Solo Tromb.

Some nice sounds and playing through this section.

Middle of band has a bit of intonation problem. Well done sop.

As band get louder we lose some of detail and again the intonation shows from over blowing.

Bass is insecure leading into back row cornets part which is also insecure.

Again loud dynamics through the last section and we lose the clarity of whats actually being played.Quieter section towards end works well.

Good style and dynamic crescendo is there to finish.


A performance that started well, but had insecurity and intonation problems. Too much over blowing added to the intonation issues.


BrassBand 15 – Besses Boys’

A little scrappy to open from cornets and intonation is apparent from the off.

Nice bass sound. Well done tried horn and well done flugel.

Nice balance and sound from the band. But intonation lets this performance down already.

A little scrappy from back row and sop.

Ttombs and cornets not quite together.

Early entry stopped and corrected them selves.

Good middle and lower band sound. We lose ballance from the upper band.

Good style and rhythm through 10/8.

Nice bass tromb. Cornets not together.

Again a little scrappy here. But band sound does show promise.

Well done solo tromb. Lots of style and confidence.

Unlucky on triplet sop.

Band has lots of dynamic range but in upper register is out of tune.

Timp player seems to be enjoying himself and so he should he’s playing well.

Cornets insecure. Leads to a good ensemble sound with euphs again shinning through.

Nice sop.

This final section picks tempo nicely but its insecure on cornets again.

Dynamics are loud for markings.

Good ending with slight intonation problems.


A performance that wanted to give but let up in parts. Showed a lot of promise but missed that final something.

Band 14 – Greenfield

Good solid opening from cornets.

Bass watch intonation.

The quiet dynamic is causing intonation issues. Well played front row. Clear precise run of 6.

Nice band ensemble sound.

Slight inaccuracy in rhythm. Trombs listen to intonation with cornets.

Well done back row.

Well done percussion running (literally) around the back to get to one instrument to the other.

Some good band sounds but few inaccuracies let down this performance.

Well tried tromb. A few incorrect entries and insecurity here from around the band.

Again the quiet dynamic shows intonation issues.

Some good ensemble work again. The performance does show some good style and ability in parts.

Rhythms not quite right in final section and we lose some of the detail through dynamics.

Well done horns.

Good style to close but intonation is apparent.


Another performance that started well but lost its legs by the end. Not a performance that the band should be upset about, endurance is the key.


Band 13 – Uppermill

Good opening from cornets just not quite together.

Nice sound bass. Well done horn and flugel.

Nice dynamics and good playing.

Well done cornets. Can hear clear articulation and accents as written. Good band ballance.

Watch intonation bass. Cornets not together in quavers but style is there.

Needs more air sop to keep it flowing. Good tromb sound just watch late entry.

Well done front row.

Watch rhythm sop. Well done cornets. Good ensemble work and dynamics.

Some good band sounds emirate and basses sound well. Good dynamic drop into tromb solo. Well done tromb just watch tempo is with band and a bit of intonation.

Well done muted cornets. Good sound and direction from MD.

Pesante has good feel from bass end.

Watch the triplet sop.

A good all round performance so far. Very good dynamic contrasts and intonation is good for the most.

3/4 section doesn’t feel secure. Nor do cornet entries.

Well done Rep and 2nd cornet.

Nice euph.

Good sound sop just slighlty behind time.

Well done cornets. Good dynamic and style through final section.

A good final section marred by intonation on last note.


A good performance let down with little errors that could be avoided. One performance that will certainly have the ear of the judges so far.

Band 12 – Eagley 

Cornets not together in opening. As more join intonation is off.

Well done basses horn and flugel.

Some good ensemble playing. It is slower than most have taken it. But it helps with the accuracy.

Watch intonation cornets and trombs.

Percusion are a little over powering for dynamic of rest of band.

Well done euph. Well tried cornets.

Good ensemble sound. Cornet 1/3 not together. Nice bass end sound with Bass tromb.

Nice ritmico style and dynamics. Again euphs shine above.

The quaver work seem s a little tiring in sections. Well played bass tromb.

Good bass sound.Good euph and horn.

Well tried again back row. Well balanced band too.

A little scrappy before tromb solo. Good dynamic in quiet section, well played despite the little blips tromb. More confidence.

Cornets not together in pesante section. Well done bases. Unlucky sop.

Some good ensemble work let down by a few minor intonation issues. Bell tree is a little heavy for ballance.

Last section is under tempo, not helped by back row. Dynamics are loud but well ballanced.

Well done horns nice quiet dynamic for contrast. Again bell tree too loud.

Intonation is off on last note and not much of a cresc.


A performance again that showed promise in sections but lack of consistency and reading have let is slip. Some intonation issues around the band wont help the result.


Band 11 – Cheshire Constabulary 

Confident opening from cornets. Intonation is apparent as more join.

Well done basses.

Some good ensemble sounds but cornets intonation is showing.

Cornet articulation is not together.

Again some good band ensemble sounds. But lack of dynamics.

Middle of band sound not quite together. Well done Bass Tromb

Good style through Ritmico.

Nice dynamics into the tromb solo. Unlucky Tromb nice try.

Nice lyrical playing cornets. Nice articulation too. Watch the triplet sop.

We lose the detail as the band play louder and we lose style and articulation.

Not quite the pesante feel.

We lose some of the style and accuracy again as it gets quicker and rhythms are not quite right. Well played cornets.

Watch rhythm Euphs.

The band seem to struggle a little with the quicker tempo with the style and articulation.

Some good ensemble sounds work well. Well done horns.

Good dynamics to close.


A performance that lost drive as it went on. Some good work with some intonation issues. Could be up there but it’s up to the judges on the interpretation.

Band 10 – Crewe Brass

Opening lacks a little confidence and is not together.

Nice bass sound. Well done horn and flugel.

Intonation in trombs is a little off.

Good style and articulation from cornets. With some good ballance and use of dynamics.

Semi quaver run not together into quiet section. A little slower this section than others have taken so far. Well played Euphs. Unlucky sop.

Dynamics are been used very well and euphs sing nicely above.

Accuracy not quite right around the band.

A few mistakes coming through and its showing in frustration on the MD.  Cornets not together.

Again good use of dynamics into tromb solo. Watch tuning through this tromb. Intonation is showing around the band in this section with some very tentative playing.

Confidence seems to be coming back with some good ensemble work. Even through the slight intonation issues its well played.

Couple of wrong entries spoil this section.

Its very tentative in the quiet section causing missed entries and wrong rhythms and style. It falls down a little bit here.

Band seem to recover a little. Well done sop. A few more intonation and wrong entries.

Well done horns.

Its a little lack lustre towards the end with  not much of a dynamic change on crescendo.


A performance that unfortunately fell apart in sections and despite the band trying to get back on track, too many mistakes were made. Im sure on another day the band would have had a much better performance.

‘Comfort Break’ here in the 2nd section.

So far we go for

Old Hall Brass


Valley Brass


Band 9 – Pemberton Old Wigan DW ‘B’

Confident opening from cornets. Not together in parts though.

Tentative from bass. Well done horn and flugel. Intonation in middle of Band suffers here.

Nice sound from cornets. Try not to over blow sop it causes intonation issues.

Some over blowing in upper band causes split notes and tuning issues despite some good ensemble work.

Good try cornets. Well ballanced. Nice dynamic. Just not accurate enough on rhythm.

Well played euph. Bass and trombs first entry not quite together but second set works.

Some nice middle of band sounds through 10/8 section. Some unbalanced top heavy rounds though.

Well done euph and horn. Cornets well tried.

Good dynamic drop before tromb solo. Well played solo tromb. Best so far today style and sound wise. Just watch intonation on last note.

Good pesante style from bass end. Well done cornets 1/2 and sop. Good balance and style.

We loose some of the style and articulation as the band get louder.

Good direction through this section with some nice playing and sounds.

Watch intonation through quiet section in long notes. But a good balance.

Again good balance through next section.

Ritmico is played well. Good style and balance.

Nice sop its not too much.

Good last section with good style and dynamic range. Intonation on last note is the only slip here.


A good performance that built in style and confidence as it went on. Some over blowing in certain sections/maybe over confidence. A performance the band seemed to be happy with.


Band 8 – Blackpool Brass

Intonation shows in the opening from cornets and is not together as more voices are added.

Well done basses. Tentative from horn. Well done flugel.

Good dynamic style adds to the atmosphere but we hear intonation problems creeping through.

Articulation and entries not together into the 10/8.

Balance is a little bass and percusion heavy.

Cornets are not together in their section. Front row tries to lead with style well done.

Euph sounds good. Listen to tuning in top register sop/cornets.

A little quicker this section. But some nice ensemble work and sounds. Well done bass tromb.

As with most bands today cornets struggle in this section with rhythm and articulation.

Well dont front row.

Nice quiet dynamics from middle of band leading into tromb solo.

Unlucky tromb but nice try.

Watch rhythm in sop after cornets 1/2 have their entry (yours is a triplet).

Some good ensemble playing through the pesante.

Tentative entries on long notes makes them sound late or inaccurate.

Good dynamic use into middle of band section. Good sound Euph.

Final section shows a few intonation issues creeping through but the band has a good sound. Again good dynamic contrasts. Well done horns.

Its good to close, maybe not fff as other sections were louder.


A  performance that wanted to give so much more. It had signs of class and ability but was marred by intonation and a few inaccurate entries.

Band 7 – Old Hall Brass

A slower tempo than most have taken so far to open this performance. Good style and sound.

A little tentative on bass entry. Well done horn. Again a little tentative on flugel.

A little bit of nerves shows in the ensemble work. But a few looks from the MD inspire the band who seem to instantly respond with some good style and sounds.

Intonation is off from trombs.

A nice pesante style

Trombs watch intonation.

10/8 section doesn’t seem to flow smoothly with some inaccurate tentative playing.

Some good dynamic contrasts. Maybe a little over blown by trombs?

Some good Ensemble work and some nice sounds from euphs.

Accuracy in the rhythms isn’t always correct or together.

Good try back row.

Entries not quite together before tromb solo.

Nice dynamic ballance during this section, just a few inaccuracies in entries. Maybe a little tentative around the band. Well done bass end (inluding bass tromb).

A different reading from the MD through this section than other bands.

Some good balance and dynamic contrasts again, well done sop, let it sing.

Well done ensemble good style. A few incorrect entries/articulation in upper band.

Well done cornets.

Again a nice feel and style through this section. Again sop well played. It sings nicely above.

Good Percusion work going on through this too. Not too loud and good use of dynamics from them.

A fantastic final section with good balance and style.


A performance that started well and finished well. Just a few bits in between that didn’t quite sit right with a handful of blips. A performance that will have the Adjudicators thinking.

Band 6 – Besses o’th’barn

Tentative in opening with inaccuracy in intonation.

Well done Bass, good style just listen to tuning.

Some good ensemble sounds working well with the dynamics. With bass tromb shining over the top.

Some good articulate and rhythmic playing let down with tuning.

Tentative entries in the quiet section before the 10/8. Cornets not quite together through this.

It may be nerves but few wrong notes creeping in.

Well done euphs.

We lose some of the accuracy from the ensemble work and not all entries are accurate.

Again well done euph. Cornets not accurate in their section.

Tempo seems to sit well with the band but is quicker than directed.

Tentative entries on bell notes and tromb. Tromb does settle but does seem nervous.

Well done horns. Nice style front row.

Intonation is out in som parts of this passage in the ensemble.

Pesante doesn’t feel heavy enough but is well played.

Inaccurate entries in quiet section from around the band.

The band do seem to be tiring in this final section. With a few lose entries and wrong articulation.

Dynamics are loud before the quiet Piano horn section. Well played horns.

Good crescendo to finish.


A performance that promised so much but wavered by the end. Some good moments let down by some not so good moments. It will be up to the adjudicators on this one.


Band 5 – Valley Brass

Confident opening from cornets but a hint of intonation arises.

Good ensemble band sounds as they all appear.

Good tempo and direction from the MD.

Good style and sound from the basses. a little hint again of intonation from front row 1/2.

Listen to intonation sop.

Well done bass and euphs good style. Well played cornets best nd most accurate articulation so far today.

A performance sounding well so far but a few different style techniques dont match around the band.

Good dance feel in ensemble work which flows well and has some good balanced sounds.

Well done basses (maybe a little loud for dynamic). Tromb plays it confidently but intonation wavers on a ew of the notes. We do seem to lose some of the ensemble sound during this section for a few beats but comes back and recovers well.

Pesante has good feel and drive. Intonation in upper register is out.

Some very good well balanced sounds from around the stand works well but intonation at the 3/4  is out on the long notes.

Well played euphs and cornets, good balance and rhythm.

Watch intonation euph. Good dynamics in final section up to the Piano. Well done sop.

Good final section but intonation on last note lets down what was a good performance.


A solid performance and best so far today. Some good use of dynamics and a well directed performance. Only marred with a handful of intonation issues and the odd slip.

Band 4 – Tyldesley

Not together in opening with cornets. Ballance with band to percussion does not sit well with too much percussion.

Intonation in bass end is off.

Ensemble work doesn’t sit well with inaccurate articulation and wrong entries. Again ballance is over powered from percussion.

Well done bass and euph.

A good style in the 10/8 from the cornets with just a few inaccurate slips. As the band join there are more inaccuracies in entries not together.

Dynamics do stay on the same level and dont have enough contrast.

Well done euphs.

Nice try bass tromb. Again nice euph just listen to intonation more.

Sop sounds well in upper register.

Solo tromb has good style. Band ensemble is marred by different styles of phrase endings.

Solo cornets not together in piano section.

Kit section is too loud and inaccurate. Well done muted cornets.

Nice ensemble style in the 10/8.

Sop plays well just needs more. Ensemble work is a little out of tuning in last section and is more apparent on last note.


A performance that didn’t quite pull off from start to finish. The band worked hard but lack of dynamics and intonation issues marred this performance.

Band 3 – Poulton-Le-Fylde

Confident opening from Poulton if a little not together in front row. Its a little quicker than others before have taken it.

Again like the first 2 bands its tentative from the horn and flugel.

Intonation in tromb is apparent. Good style in the ensemble. Some really good dynamic contrasts and direction in style from the MD. But ensemble intonation is apparent in tuning.

Cornets articulation is untidy.

Well done bass.

tempo at 10/8 seems a little quicker for markings and band seem to struggle to articulate at this speed. Tempo does drop as it goes on due to tiredness it seems.

A few wrong notes creeping in. Well done cornets in your section but watch top register intonation.

MD is working the band hard but maybe a little too much as inaccurate entries and tuning is apparent.

Some good ensemble work and euphs sound well rising above.

Well done solo tromb. Good style just watch intonation on some of the notes.

A little loud during quite passage from around the band. Some over blowing makes the intonation apparent.

Some tentative entries in 3/4 section. Again a little over blown with intonation issues.

Well done cornets. Not easy that part. Nice Euph sound again leads to a good ensemble section. Sop sings well above.

The final section has a few intonation slips and maybe over blown. Well played horns. Again maybe a little over blown towards end as it then drops dynamic for last bar crescendo which doesn’t get as loud as other sections were and its fff at the end.


A performance that started well with style and charisma and what seemed was a good style from the MD but wasn’t pulled off on the day. Too many intonation slips and inaccuracies on this performance. A direction a little bit beyond the band today.

Band 2 – Allerton Brass

Insecure opening from cornets. Intonation when back row joins. Good bass sound.

Tentative entry from both horn and flugel.

Nice style in the pesante. If not a little quick to tempo markings.

Untidy entries in cornet section in quaver 10/8 section.

Basses have a good sound if not a little heavy as is a little unbalanced.  Nice ensemble work which flows well at the ritmico.

Well done Bass Tromb. A tidier more elegant style from cornets in the muted section. This flows better.

Intonation in upper register on the accented note of the 3 is heavy and out of tune.

Well done solo tromb nice style. Well done rep.

The march pesante style works well.

Dynamics work well.

Tentative entries into the and during the 3/4 section. Nice muted cornets, just watch intonation in upper register.

Good try from back row on their section.

Well done sop in last section.

Good ensemble work in this final section. Well done horns, just watch intonation on last note of quiet section….

Good ensemble and dynamics to close.


A performance with a few tentative entries and intonation problems in the upper register.

Showed promise in sections but didn’t deliver on a whole.

A performance the band should still be pleased with as we all know, nerves get the better of us on the day.


Band 1- Delph

Insecure opening in articulation and tuning from cornets.

Well done basses. A little tentative from horn and flugel.

Some good lyrical sounds from around the band but inaaccuracys in rhythms and styles are apparent.

Nerves seem to have set in for the 10/8 section as articulation and timings are inaccurate unfortunatley.

Intonation in upper register is a little off.

The band seem to struggle with the 10/8 rhythms but Phil Goodwin tries his best to provide direction from the middle.

Well done solo Tromb. Nice rhythm style from lower bass end. Pesante  has a nice style too it. But again intonation in upper register lets down the feel.

Good dynamic contrasts around the band. Nice muted cornet sound. But again into the 10/8 and back row quaver section is insecure.

Good ensemble sound, well done sop.

Style and Dynamics are good in final section and flows well.


A performance unfortunately marred with intonation and articulation errors that may cost them at the end of the day. Some good individual playing and some good ensemble sounds.

This Piece seems an easy piece to play but it has so much more in the music and the time signature changes.

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