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WoS Entertainment Contest is Cancelled for this year

With uncertainty still surrounding the moment when the UK can be completely freed from the lengthy restrictions imposed as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, the West of Scotland Brass Band Association (WoSBBA) has taken the reluctant decision to cancel this year’s WoS entertainment contest.

The event, which replaced the Land O’ Burns competition, was due to be held on Saturday 28 August at the Walker Hall in Troon.

“After much discussion over the past few months, the committee finally came to the decision that it would be best to give the contest a miss this year,” explained WoSBBA secretary Lesley Crumlish.

“We felt that a lot of bands are currently in limbo – and probably will be for some time to come – and may perhaps not even be able to hold any kind of rehearsal before the school holidays. 

“Certainly, the playing of brass instruments indoors for adult bands is still very much restricted and, as players go off on vacation, the opportunities for full band rehearsals will be few and far between. 

“This, combined with the COVID-19 mitigation measures having to be put in place at the contest venue, causing inevitable anxiety for competing players – not to mention the organisers – reinforced the committee’s decision to cancel his year. Indeed, the limitations on audience numbers at the hall to adhere to social distancing will render the contest unviable.”

Lesley added: “As Scotland is still in different tiers, it may also mean bands having to withdraw from the event at the last minute, putting extra pressure on the organising team.”

Last year, the event was held online, but it was felt that, 12 months on, bands will be suffering from ‘virtual’ fatigue and so dismissed this option.

South Ayrshire Council has confirmed that the contest can be held on the same weekend (Saturday 27 August) in Troon next year. Bands are asked to pencil the date in their 2022 diaries.

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