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London & S.C. Line Up Announced

The line up of bands competing at the upcoming London and Southern Counties Regional Championships has been announced.

The contest will take place over the weekend of 18th and 19th March at the Stevenage Arts and Leisure Centre.

Championship Section:
Sunday 19th March
Gordon Craig Theatre
Adjudicators: David Hirst & Steve Sykes
Draw: 2.00pm
Commence: After the First Section results, but not before 3.30pm

1. Aveley & Newham (Robert Nunnery)
2. East London Brass (Jayne Murrill)
3. East of England Co-operative (Nigel Cooper)
4. Friary Guildford (Chris King)
5. Haverhill Silver (Mark Ager)
6. Medway (Melvin White)
7. Northfleet Brass (Melvin White)
8. Redbridge Brass (Jeremy Wise)
9. Staines Brass (TBC)
10. Thundersley Brass (Nigel Taken)
11. Wantage Silver (Craig Patterson)
12. Zone One Brass (Richard Ward)

First Section:
Sunday 19th March
Gordon Craig Theatre
Adjudicators: Roger Webster & Chris Wormald
Draws: 9.00am & 11.00am
Commence: 10.00am

1. Alder Valley (TBC)
2. Becontree Brass (Nigel Taken)
3. Bedford Town (Steve Phillips)
4. Cawston (Leigh Sharpe)
5. Chiltern Hills Brass (Gordon Davies)
6. City of Cambridge (Peter Bassano)
7. Colchester (David Maddocks)
8. Egham (Gareth Green)
9. Epsom & Ewell Silver (Paul Graham)
10. Fulham (John Ward)
11. Hitchin (Graham Chambers)
12. Horsham Borough (Mark McLaughlin)
13. Jersey Premier Brass (Tim Pritchard)
14. Kidlington Concert Brass (Duncan Wilson)
15. Regent Brass (Paul Archibald)
16. Sandhurst Silver (Andrew Porter)
17. Ware Brass (Phillip Littlemore)

Second Section:
Saturday 18th March
Gordon Craig Theatre
Adjudicators: Steve Sykes & Roger Webster
Draws: 1.00pm
Commence: After the Third Section results, but not before 2.30pm

1. Amersham (Paul Fisher)
2. BAE Systems (Melvin White)
3. Chinnor Silver (David Pegram)
4. Epping Forest (Keith Schroeter)
5. Grimsdyke (Sharon Broughall)
6. Hungerford Town (Tim Crouter)
7. LGB Brass (Ian Stewart)
8. Littleport Brass (Nicholas Garman)
9. Milton Keynes Brass (Bob Stardling)
10. Soham Comrades (Jayne Murrill)
11. St. Sebastian Wokingham (Nigel Howard)
12. Tilbury (Ben Jones)
13. Wantage Silver ‘B’ (Danny Dullforce)
14. Waterbeach (Andrew Kershaw)
15. Welwyn Garden City (Graham Chambers)
16. Yiewsley & West Drayton (Chris Cole)

Third Section:
Saturday 18th March
Gordon Craig Theatre
Adjudicators: David Hirst & Alan Duguid
Draw: 9.00am
Start: 10.00am

1. Brighton & Hove City Brass (Matthew Hackett)
2. Castleton Brass (Peter Ryan)
3. Chichester City (TBC)
4. Cold Ash Brass (Jemma Evans)
5. East Coast Brass (Paul Speed)
6. Fairlop Brass (Kevin Jordan)
7. Hangleton (Richard Baker)
8. Hemel Hempstead (David Edmonds)
9. Jubilee Brass (Oxford) (Clifford Sadler)
10. Olney Brass (TBC)
11. Oxford Cherwell Brass (Terry Brotherhood)
12. Simon Langton Brass (David Cutting)
13. Tadley Concert Brass (Paul Chapman)
14. Tendring Brass (Antony Sanders)

Fourth Section:
Sunday 19th March
Main Concert Hall
Adjudicators: Alan Duguid & Steve Pritchard-Jones
Draws: 10.30am & 12.30pm
Start: 11.30am

1. Abbey Brass (Rob Tompkins)
2. Bletchington Silver (Sheldon Barwick)
3. Bradwell Silver (Brian Keech)
4. City of Norwich Brass (Andrew Craze)
5. Cottenham Brass (Peter Mackley)
6. Crystal Palace (Michael Gray)
7. Great Yarmouth (Colin Swaep)
8. Hadstock Silver (Di Pannell)
9. Letchworth Garden City (Tim Welch)
10. North London Brass (Martyn Stogden)
11. Pangbourne & District Silver (Stewart Lewins)
12. Regent Community Brass (Chris Bearman)
13. Royston Town (Steve Earley)
14. Snowdown Colliery (TBC)
15. Wantage Academy (Nikki Jones)
16. Watford (Ian Graves)
17. Witney Town (Rhys Owens)
18. Woodbridge Excelsior (Chris Lewis-Garnham)

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