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Published on March 3rd, 2017 by gavin

UniBrass Looking For New Home

UniBrass is looking for a new host university to take over the contest in 2019, after its second year hosted by the University of York. The successful applicant will hold the contest for two years, 2019 and 2020.

The UniBrass Foundation, the charity responsible for overseeing the contest, is seeking expressions of interest in hosting the competition from universities across the country. All universities are encouraged to apply; even those who haven’t competed in UniBrass before! At this stage, the Foundation are not looking for a concrete commitment or detailed contest plan, but are offering to work with any bands with an interest in hosting to come up with ideas of how they could hold the event.

A Foundation spokesperson told A4B: “UniBrass aims to move the contest venue every two to three years to ensure that a range of universities get a chance at hosting such a prestigious event, and to try and spread the success and reputation of the contest to new areas of the country, especially ones that might not have a strong banding tradition.”

Andy Straiton, the outgoing UniBrass Organising Committee Chair, spoke to A4B, stating: “The form can be filled out by anyone. If there is even the slightest bit of interest in hosting UniBrass, this form is for you. You don’t need a committee in place and you aren’t committing to anything. As this year has shown, you don’t even need to have a suitable venue on your campus! Ask around your band; you only need two people who have an interest in doing some research.”

Any universities who might be interested are urged to fill in this form by the 19th of March:

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