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Published on June 21st, 2018 by gavin

REPORT & RESULTS: West of England Bandsman’s Festival 2018

Indifferent weather at the start of the open air Festival did not marr the traditional March through the village, nor the start of the competitive Sections on the Contest Field by the competing Bands at the West of England Bandsmen’s Festival at Bugle on Saturday 16th June.

The usual large audience gathered for the seven different Sections, which culminated in St Dennis, conducted by Darren Hawken, winning the Royal Trophy, presented to the Festival in 1913 by the Prince of Wales, Duke of Cornwall, in the Championship Section. Verwood Concert Brass from Dorset gained Second place with the lively Spijkerpakkenband (Blue Denim Jeans Suits Band) from the northern Dutch province of Friesland coming third.

Sadly there was just one entrant in both the First and Second Sections, but in the Third Section Bugle Silver, celebrating their 150th Anniversary this year, took first place for the Second year running. Regular visitors from Devon, Okehampton Excelsior Silver won the Fourth Section as well as taking the Deportment Prize for the march down.

Excellent Youth and Training Sections led to St Austell Youth and Soundhouse Brass Juniors winning through, with Adjudicator Mark Wilkinson praising the commitment and enthusiasm of the young players, as well as that of all the musicians on the day, particularly the Soloists.

Full Results:-

Championship Section:
Test Piece: Isaiah 40 (Robert Redhead)

1. St Dennis (Darren Hawken) — 195
2. Verwood Concert Brass (Kevin Smith) — 194
3. Spijkerpakkenband (Erik Janssen) — 191
4. SW Comms (Chris Spreadbury) — 190
5. St Austell (Howard Evans) — 188

Jubilee (Paul Drury)

1. St Dennis — 194
2. Verwood Concert Brass — 193
3. Spijkerpakkenband — 191
4. SW Comms — 190
5. St Austell — 188

Best Player: Andrew Stark (Cornet) SW Comms

First Section:
Test Piece: Symphony of Marches (Gilbert Vinter)

1. Bodmin Town (John Maines) — 194

Guardian of My Soul

1. Bodmin Town — 192

Best Player: Andrew Rowe (euphonium)

Second Section:
Test Piece: Fire in the Blood (Paul Lovatt-Cooper)

1. Camborne Junior Contesting (Alan Pope) — 193

1. Camborne Junior Contesting — 189

Best Player: Aaron Thomas (cornet)

Third Section:
Test piece: The Haslemere Suite (Peter Graham)

1. Bugle Silver (Steve Osborne) — 191
2. Redruth Town (James Burns) — 190
3. Indian Queens (Mark Arnold) — 189

Best Player: Nigel Hoskin (soprano) — Indian Queens

Fourth Section:
Test piece: A Circus Suite (Stuart Johnson)

1. Okehampton Excelsior Silver (Robert Julian) — 188
2. Lostwithiel Town (Norman Pendrey) — 186

Best Player Lauren Oliver (horn) — Okehampton Excelsior Silver

Youth Section:
Own choice test piece

1. St Austell Youth (Anna Minear) — 190
2. St Dennis Youth (Rachel Sargent) — 187

Best Player: Jenna Congdon (euphonium) — St Austell
Best Cornet Player: Grace Thomas (St Austell)
Winning Conductor: Anna Minear (St Austell)

Training Section:
Own Choice (no longer than 10 minutes)

1. Soundhouse Brass Juniors (Neil Mitchell) — 184
2. St Minver (Barbara Gaeorge) — 181
3. Lostwithiel Training (Susan Berryman) — 179
4. Bodmin Training (Emma Jackson) — 178

Best Player: Ruby Wills (percussion) — St Minver
Best Cornet Player: Charlotte Blaikie (Soundhouse Brass Juniors)

1. Okehampton Excelsior Silver
2. Bugle Silver

Special Awards:
Best Soprano: Dirk Vincken (Spijkerpakkenband)
Best Solo Cornet: Andy Stark (SW Comms)
Best Euphonium: Les Pearse (SW Comms)
Best Horn: Francesca Bazeley (St Dennis)
Best Set of Basses: St Dennis

AR Trudgian Youth Awards:
Grace Denford (Bodmin)
Matthew Opie (Bodmin)

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