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RESULTS: WMBBA Solo, Duet & Quartet Contest

The Annual WMBBA Solo Duet and Quartet Contest was held at Studley High School last weekend and drew enthusiastic support over all categories. The adjudicators for the day were Paul White and Warren Bellshaw.


Slow Melody Aged 9 to 11
1. Jennifer Richardson (Alcester Victoria)
2. Alec Banner (Shipston Town)
3. Tallula Matthews (Shipston Town)

Slow Melody Aged 12 to 14
1. Christopher Oddy (Enderby)
2. Toula Thomas (Cubbington)
3. Ben Hone (Arrow Valley)

Slow Melody Aged 15 to 18
1. Luke Barker (Jaguar Landrover)
2. Grace Coates (Shipston)

Slow Melody Adult
1. Trystan Jones (A W Parker Drybrook)
2. Patricia Woodings (Ratby)
3. Annette Cairns (Cubbington)

Air Varie Aged 14 and Under
1. Christopher Oddy (Enderby)
2. Alec Banner (Shipston Town)

Air Varie Aged 15 to 18
1. Luke Barker (Jaguar Landrover)
2. Grace Coates (Shipston Town)

Duets Aged 11 and Under
1. Alec Banner and Tallula Matthews (Shipston Town)
2. Peter Coates and Tallula Matthews (Shipston Town)

Duets Aged 15 to 18
1. Luke Barker Jaguar Landrover and Grace Coates (Shipston Town)

Adult Duets
1. Trystan Jones and Rebecca Aston (A W Parker Drybrook)
2. Grace Coates and David Birch (Shipston Town)

Quartet Under 19
1. Shipston Town

Quartet Adults
1. Desford Chicks
2. Shirley Tubas
3. Liquid Mud (Arrow Valley)

1. Alec Banner

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