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Live: Yorkshire Regional Brass Band Championships 2020 3rd Section


Youngest Player:  Maltby

Best Percussion: Maltby

Best Soloist: Solo Cornet Kippax

Winning MD: Kippax

1. Kippax

2. Lofthouse

3. Emley

4. Maltby

5. Dinnington

6. Gawthorpe 85


A good Contest here in yorkshire for the 3rd section.

We go for:

1. Kippax

2. Clifton &Lightcliffe

3. Emley

4. Maltby.

5. Lofthouse

6. Gawthorpe 85

Dark Horse: Dinnington

Band 11 Dinnington 

A big sound to open from both flugel and baritone. Intonation is apparent in cornets.

Music does bounce well, but inaccurate rhythms and style show.

Tentative entry from sop.

Sop and cornets listen to tuning.

A little overblown in this section throughout.

Good style to open second section, horns try not to rush the rhythm.

Well done sop.

Very quick to open next section, nice style from sop and tromb but sop listen to intonation.

Nice articulation from cornets. Ensemble sings well.

Cornets watch you are together, and listen to intonation.

Slightly overdone percussion in this section.

Nice atmosphere into tromb solo with flugel adding nicely. Well done Eb bass, euph not together though.

Well done flugel nice sound.

Well played euph.

Cornets intonation rubs again.

Well done solo cornet. Nice sound.Well done flugel.

Band has a good sound here just the odd rubbing in tuning.

Cornets watch the runs they weren’t together.

Good sounds through final section. A little tentative on entries though in last few bars. Intonation rubs to close.


A decent performance but was strife with intonation in cornets. A little different approach to the opening and style of 1st movement. Can the MD bring back success he did 10 years ago?

Star Player for us is flugel.

Band 10 Gawthorpe 85

Nice flugel top open but cornets a little tentative. Cornets listen to intonation.

Well done sop.

Some good louder band sounds. A little tentative from sop to close movement.

Opening to second is a little off with ballance.

Listen to intonation just before sop solo. Well played sop despite slight slip.

Nice articulation from muted cornets. Well done sop and bass tromb.

Cornets try not to over blow as it goes out of tune in the louder dynamic long note.

Well done top chair on semi run.

A little quicker than some here in this movement.

Well done solo tromb.

Nice solo from euph.

A little tentative from cornet into the solo but sings it beautifully. Well done flugel.

Some good ballance and sounds from ensemble, cornets try not to rush the runs.

Intonation is showing slightly in last section. good balance and dynamic on last note


A good approach to this performance, intonation in cornets throughout did detract from the performance. Some good solid solo playing. This one is up to the adjudicators.

Band 9 Deepcar

A good solid opening from Deepcar, good sounds and a good style from flugel.

Intonation creeps in from cornets. Not accurate from cornet entry leads to insecurities from others.

Well done sop.

Intonation of middle of band is showing. Some good style and character to close section.

Well done euphs to open, cornets listen to intonation.

Well done sop and solo horn. band has a good balance and builds the cresc well.

Again listen to intonation to close section.

Well done sop and bass tromb. Sop listen to intonation as it wavers slightly.

Intonation and inaccuracies from cornets. Well done percussion.

Nice solo tromb solo, with flugel adding nicely. Well done Eb bass.

Flugel sings nicely again and is played well. Well done Euph a little over blown compared for ballance to other solos. Well tried horn.

Well done solo cornet.

Band has a really good balance and sound here.

Cornets again listen to intonation.

Well done sop we hear every detail rising above the good band sound.

Some good perc playing towards end. Band has a good sound but intonation is slightly apparent to close.

Band 8 Emley

Good style to open with a well played stylistic flugel. Some good balance and sound around the band.

A quicker up bet tempo than most here, well done horn and sop. Some good articulate playing, trombs listen to intonation.

Slight inacuracy in euphs at start of next section, some good big band sounds with some nice flowing style music being played, Unlucky sop. Well done horn.

Next section starts well but a little tentative from sop and bass tromb. Some good articulate playing from cornets and ensemble sounds are well balanced. Careful trombs as not together with band.

Well done solo tromb and Eb bass. Again flugel plays well and has good sound. Intonation in upper register is out into euph solo.

Well played euph despite the odd blip, again well played horn and baritone.

A little tentative from solo cornet into the solo, but is well played with a good sound. A little slip in flugel entry but still sounds good.

A little inaccurate in cornets on the semi runs. Band has a good sound in the loud dynamics here.

Some good band sounds in final section but intonation before the dynamic drop rubs.

Good final chord to close.


A good final performance with Emley from MD Garry Hallas. Some inaccuracies in certain parts but had a good atmosphere with some good band sounds. A performance that seemed to go down well with the audience.

Band 7 Huddersfield

Nice style and dynamic to open. A little tentative from Flugel. Nice baritone.

Well done euphs and basses, good sound.

Little inaccurate from cornets.

well tried solo horn and sop.

Some good style and articulation is showing but intonation problems are appearing.

Some light inaccuracies from around the band with some incorrect entries.

Well done sop.

Nice style from back row muted cornets. Well done sop and bass tromb. Good sound from Basses.

A big band sound but we loose detail. Sop and top chair sing nicely above the band. Well tried top chair on the run.

Well played solo tromb and Eb bass. Band has a good sound here as is well balanced.

Well played euph and baritone.

Solo cornet has a nice tone and sings well, but sounds a little nervous.

Band again has a good sound and a big dynamic range. percusion at top of cresc are not together.

Intonation is little off in cornets and basses to close but is not over blown.


A performance that tested the band and felt a little insecure or tentative in sections. Some good playing in parts with a good sound.

Star player for us Euphonium.

Comfort Break Here.

We for for a top 3 so far of:




Band 6 Clifton & Lightcliffe

A good opening with a slight inaccuracy in flugel. Some good band sounds. Cornets trip in there section.

Good strong tromb sounds.  Well played solo horn. Unlucky sop.

Some good band balance to close passage.

Well done middle of band. A little insecure in cornet section. Some good balance and style leading into a good sop solo.

Not quote together in cornets and middle of band to close this passage.

Well done Sop and Bass Tromb. Well done basses, nice sound.

We get some nice band ensemble work with some good sounds.

Solo cornet try spacing that run more.

Well done solo tromb. Good Eb bass here also.

Well done solo euph and solo horn.

Some good atmospheric building here again, cornets listen to intonation as it rubs slightly.

Solo cornet plays well.

Some good style and balance in final section. Not over blown and has good intonation.


A good performance that again like other bands had intonation issues in parts. Some good performances from the soloists and a good style and dynamic range.

Star player(s) for us would be Tromb section.

Band 5 Kippax

Nice style and direction to open with a lovely flugel sound. Baritone also does well. Some nice balance with good intonation from the band.

Slight insecurity from cornets. Some good rhythmical playing with some good technique and style from the ensemble.

Some go direction and style from the MD with good dynamics and balance.

Intonation is slightly rubbing to close opening passage.

Good style cornets to open next section. Closely matched by euphs and bari’s.

Well done sop.

We get a big range of dynamics and some good sounds. Again though to close this passage we get a little rubbing in the quieter dynamics.

Well done Sop and Bass tromb.

Some really good articulation, if not slightly over powered, but it doesn’t detract from a good performance so far.

Well tried cornet. Cornets listen to tuning on long note same with horns.

Well done tromb in the solo along with flugel. We lose some of the euph sound but is well played.

Again well played flugel. Nice ballance here too. Listen to intonation on long note into euph solo, which is well played.

Some nice atmospheric building into the cornet solo which is played well. Nicely done by flugel.

Good balance and sound from bass section.

Nice articulation and style from rep leading onto front row.

Some really good band sounds emanation in this passage, but again in lower dynamic form the dim we get rubbing in the cornet.

A good style to close with good balance.


A performance that stands out so far today for us. A well directed and interpretated performance lead by the MD. Some good stand out sections of the pice and some good contrasts in styles and dynamics.

Star player for us is Flugel.

Band 4 Lofthouse

Nice tight opening from the band with some good dynamics. Well played flugel. Some intonation show in baritone line. We get some good sounds from the band but we lose some of the clarity in cornets.

Well done sop.

Again we have some intonation issues in the loud dynamics, try not to over blow.

Some good band style now showing but we have an insure solo from sop.

Again we have some intonation going onto the next passage with some insecure entries again.

We dont get a lot of detail in this passage and balance seems a little over blown in some parts of band.

Well done soloist though the next passage. Ballance of band works well. Intonation in upper and lower register is rubbing though. Well done solo Euph &Horn.

Lovely style and balance through the next passage. A nice sounding solo cornet sings well.

We lose some of clarity in semi quaver runs from cornets. Balance in louder dynamic is good but again in lower dynamic we get a little tuning issues showing.

Try not to over blow the loud section towards end as middle of band was showing intonation problems.

Inaccurate entry from trombs in last few bars. Again watch intonation to close.


Another performance marred by intonation with tuning. Soloists again played well and was a good balance generally across the band with some good dynamic contrasts.

Star player was solo cornet for the cornet solo.

Band 3 Oughtibridge 

Good style and dynamics to open. Well done flugel

A few intonation problems are showing in the quiet dynamics. Well done sop!

Solo horns sings well. So does Euph and again sop.

Some insecure entries to close passage with a little intonation rubbing.

Band have a big dynamic range and in the louder dynamic they sit more comfortably.

Well tried sop and tromb.

A little scrappy in base entry. Nice articulation and dynamics from cornets.

Well done cornets in quiet muted section into tromb solo. Well done solo tromb. Eb bass also plays well if under balance.

Flugel has a nice sound here. Band has a good balance into good euph solo. Solo horn again sings it well.

Listen to intonation cornets.

Lovely sweet sounding solo cornet solo, leads into a sweet flugel sound too. Balance of band is good here.

Again in the louder dynamic towards the end the band seem more comfortable, careful when it does get quieter that we listen to intonation.

Good direction to close from the MD, band has a slight rub on intonation though.


A performance with a few intonation issues letting down a good effective perfomance. Some good lyrical playing with good dynamic range.

Star players are all the soloists who played well equally.

Band 2. Maltby

Intonation shows to open around the band. well tried flugel. Listen to tuning though.

Well done cornets nice detail.

Well done Horn Sop and Rep. some good detail and style showing.

Good balance around the stand.

A listless overblown into the 2nd passage we feel. But we do have some good atmospheric detailed playing. Again well done sop.

Listen to tuning before the bass entries band. Well done sop.

Despite only 2 basses, it has a good sound and is well balanced.

Well done sop cornets and horns.

Well tried solo cornet we just lost some of the detail.

Good Solo tromband flugel. Well done Eb Bass. Some good style, atmosphere and some lyrical sounding playing.

Well done Euph, Cornets listen to tuning here as balance is off just before cornet solo.

Well played top chair. Some good style.

Good dynamic range into louder section, but when its quieter we get intonation problems.

Good balance stale and good character in final section. Try not to over sing the band MD. We do have intonation problems on the last note though.


A performance that seemed to push the bands to its limits in places. A good approach to the piece from the MD and a good solid performance with style and range.

Star Player is the sop.

Band 1.  Armthorpe Elmfield

A little insecure to open in cornets. Well done flugel.

Good sound from euphs. Basses end listen to tuning.

Nerves straight away seem on edge here in the cornet section with some insecurity.

Nice from horns and sop sings beautifully.

The music starts to pick tempo slightly and the band now seem to settle, but some intonation towards the end of passage show.

Nice sound from the middle of band to open second movement matched by the cornets.

Well played again sop.

Cornets slightly out on semi quavers. Again well done sop.

Nice middle of band sound. watched not to split notes cornets.

Good balance of sound and dynamic.

Cornet and sop not together. Intonation around the band into the muted section is out of tune. Well done solo trombone.

Nicely played flugel, good atmosphere here too. Nice balance and dynamic.

Well done Euph it sings well.

Well tried horn.

Cornets listen to tuning. Quiet passage loses detail and we have intonation issues. Well done 2nd woman down lovely sound and style. Bands supports well with good balance and dynamic, but we get intonation issues towards end of passage.

As the dynamic increases we gain the passion of the piece but a couple of wrong notes in euph/Bari line shows.

Good balance towards end, couple of insecure entries on 2nd to last note.

And intonation savours slightly to close.


A passionate performance with some good balance. A performance not without a few insecurity’s or discrepancies, but a solid opener for us.

Star player had to be 2nd woman down closely followed by the flugel player.

Well done.


Test Piece:  Endurance by Andrew Baker

Adjudicators:  David Hirst and Steve Pritchard-Jones

DRAW:8.00 am COMMENCE:9:30 am

No. Band Conductor

1. Armthorpe Elmfield Raymond Kilcoyne

2. Clifton & Lightcliffe John Clay

3. Deepcar Brass Cathryn O’Shea

4. Dinnington Colliery Jonathan Beatty

5. Emley Brass Garry Hallas

6. Gawthorpe Brass ‘85 John Edward

7. Huddersfield & Ripponden Adam Bell

8. Kippax Stephen Tighe

9. Lofthouse 2000 Andrew Whitaker

10. Maltby Miners Welfare Terry Clifford

11. Oughtibridge Gavin Somerset

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