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Second Section Results Midlands Area

Adjudicators – Mark Wilkinson and Brian Rostron

First Prize – The North Midlands Area Committee Trophy, £200 and the Regional Champions Banner –  * Gresley Colliery

Second Prize – The GT Winfield Memorial Challenge Trophy and £125 –  * Glossop Old

Third Prize – The North Midlands Association Shield and £100 – City of Coventry

Fourth Place – Tintwistle

*Qualification to the National Finals, Cheltenham



So that concludes the second section here at Bedworth. It has been an interesting morning with all 13 Bands putting on a creditable performance. There are 3 stand out performances for me and all should feature in the prizes.   My prediction is ;

  1.         Gresley Colliery
  2.          City of Coventry
  3.         Ibstock
  4.        Wigston
  5.         Shirland Welfare
  6.         Cleobury Mortimer

Dark Horse:       Tintwhistle



Band Number 13.  Tintwhistle

Good solid opening  Lovely Basses and euphoniums and horn soloist. Flugel sounded a little nervous. Good full band sound with some great dynamic contrast.

Well done back row and all other entries are together but it all seems bit under tempo compared with all the other performances. The detail is all heard though but will the adjudicators think it is a bit slow ? Nice playing soprano. Another good Bass Trombone ! It feels like its losing a bit of its flow because of the tempo.

The muted section has splits and the intonation suffers here. Solo Trombone sounds very nervous. Some good moments in the quieter sections. Lovely sound Solo Euphonium.

Into the fast section the Band plays well but the louder it gets the more the intonation suffers. This is more exciting now and building well to the end.

Overall: A mixed performance that could have been up there without the intonation issues and slips


Band Number 12.  Market Rasen

A bit of tuning problem in the opening fanfares.

A better sound as the music builds . Good basses and euphoniums and some lyrical playing.

Well done back row on the start to the rhythm section tight and secure. This is better playing now , with some style. Good sound trombones and the full band sound is very good. Some intonation issues as you get quieter which is a shame. Articulation is spot on.

There are some nervous entries in the quiet section and unfortunately the intonation suffers. As you build now this is getting more atmospheric. There are a few slips but does not take away the drive and style.

Into this rhythmic section the style is good and this is your best playing so far. Building well without overblowing. Good ending.

Overall: this was one of todays better performances but is likely to suffer from the slips and intonation issues.


Band Number 11. Shirland Welfare

Opening not secure but you recover well.

Great full band sound with dynamic contrast and some super solo playing.

Back row not quite getting the bounce into the rhythm section  but some excellent percussion drives the music forward. some excellent solo contributions from the Solo Cornets and Euphonium.

Well done Solo Trombone and some very understated band accompaniment. As the music builds there are some great sounds but some nervous moments in the quiet sections and the intonation is affected.

Some stylish articulation in the rhythmic section with all the detail being heard. Building nicely.

Overall: This could have been right up there today but maybe just too many slips and nerves


Band Number 10. Wellington (Telford)

Very secure cornet opening and steady start.

The Solo Horn and Flugel both sound a little nervous. A better sound in the louder sections but the louder you get the more the intonation suffers. There are some very nervous entries throughout the Band. The back row start into the Rhythm section was not together and very untidy in places. Better here Horns. Some of the playing is not together which is detracting from your overall style. Good Solo Baritone .

Well done Solo Trombone but again it all sound a little nervy underneath you.

Much better and more confident sound as the percussion drive you forwards. This is some of your best playing so far. As we get into the fast section though the entries are not all together. A few slips in the Sop. Better again towards the ending but sounds a little tired which is affecting the intonation.

Overall: A good effort which was spoilt by nerves , slips and some intonation issues


Band Number 9. Avonbank (Evesham)

Well done cornets to start.

Some intonation problems in the louder sections and not the entries are together. Percussion are a little overpowering. Not the best start we have heard into the rhythmic section but starting to settle a little now. just some intonation issues in the louder bits.

Good Bass Trombone and Euphonium. Solo horn sounds nervous ??

Lovely Solo Trombone and good sensitive accompaniment . This is much better playing now and is building well by some tidy percussion playing. As the music gets quicker unfortunately not all is together.

Not enough dynamic contrast for me but some good playing to build up to the end.

Overall: A steady performance but too many slips and intonation problems today I feel


Band Number 8. Gresley Colliery

Super start cornets. Lovely controlled Basses.

These are some of the quietest dynamics heard so far today. And what a huge full sound in the f and ff sections. good transition into the rhythmic section with terrific back row cornets. So accurate and stylish. The detail throughout the band is coming through from every section. Best dynamic contrast I have heard here today.

Super start solo trombone but slight slip seemed to unnerve you. Very atmospheric build up led by three very accomplished percussionists. This is good stuff. really painting a musical picture.

Great Horns in the quieter dynamics. this a powerful finish

Overall. This is the new leader for us. Terrific performance and well directed MD


Time for a comfort break now in the second section at Bedworth. There has been a mixed bag of performances so far  with two that stand out above the rest. Our top three so far are as follows;

  1.         City of Coventry
  2.         Ibstock Brick
  3.         Wigston


Band Number 7.  City of Coventry

Strong sounding opening but intonation problems in cornets and Basses.

Good Solo Horn and some better playing here with a very strong full Band Sound. Nice playing into the rhythmic section. Well done Back row cornets. Articulate and well balanced . Suddenly you sound confident. This section is full of drive and well played.

Good trombone solo. Best so far today for me.This is much better now with some style and classy playing. Led by some super percussion work. Good dynamic contrast for the quite sections.

This performance has purpose and drive and is exciting to listen to.

Overall: great performance with flair. This could be the performance to beat today


Band Number 6. Ireland Colliery Chesterfield

Solid start by cornets but sadly starts to deteriorate.

Intonation is suffering here and you sound very nervous. Unfortunately some of the entries are not together which is affecting your overall sound. Good trombones and powerful Bass trombone but once again the intonation is not great.

When the full Band is playing you have a really good solid sound but the intonation problems continue. Back row were not rhymically together.

Trombone solo could have been a little louder but good effort. Percussion are driving you on and again in the full band sound your confidence returns.

Overall: Nerves and intonation issues affected your performance today, but some enjoyable moments.

Band Number 5.  Glossop Old

Well done cornets to start. Unfortunately not completely together in the following section with a few intonation issues.

Much better when the whole Band is in . This is a much fuller and richer sound. Good sonorous Basses

Good sound if not totally together into the rhythmic section but great trombones and horns. Good solid sound and much better now Back row. Good dynamics in the quiet moments.

Very understated Trombone Solo but created the right atmosphere . Well done

As the Band begins to build this is your best playing yet. Some issues in Solo Cornet line. As the Band volume gets louder some slight intonation issues. It sound as though you could be tiring a little.

Overall: another good performance with a few insecure moments . Good finish


Band Number 4. Ibstock Brick Brass

Great start by Ibstock definitely the best so far.

Very stylish with good dynamics on show . Great trombones and well done Horn and Baritone. Back row cornets superb. Together and oozing style and class. Occasional slip heard but does not detract from the excellent Band sound.

Good atmospheric solo trombone with subtle accompaniment.

Great drive with style and some swagger. I think you have captured the full style of this piece. Nice work Sop. percussion great without being too loud. well controlled.

Overall. A stylish performance with great direction from the MD who for me captured the essence of the piece. This performance should feature at the end of the day. Well played

Band Number 3.  Wigston

Very shaky start in Cornets but gradually recovers.

The full band sound is very good and very rhythmic. Almost as bright as the MD’s shirt ! Good sounding Bass Trombone. Well done Horn and Baritone. Solo Trombone sounds a little nervous which affects the intonation here.

Good percussion helping maintain the rhythm as the full Band sound builds up . Once again great Bass Trombone.

Some superb playing with style as the Band picks up the pace. Good sound Euphoniums. this always feels like it is driving forward towards the end

Overall a good performance. after a shaky start the Band improved and drove the music to an exciting climax

Band Number 2. Cleobury Mortimer Concert

Tentative Cornet to start but recovers well

Some nervous solo lines on display here but settles nicely when the full band sound is in place. The Band sound very comfortable and the rhythmic drive flows well

Some excellent back row work giving a strong sense of drive allowing for solo cornets and euphoniums to sit well on top both playing with some style and panache.

Solo Horn and Flugel lead well in the quieter moments but a few intonation issues here hamper the quiet moments

Super percussion throughout unifying the performance.

Overall a stylish account. Nerves seemed to affect in places but settled to a good performance with a solid finish

Band number 1 Leicestershire C0-op (Snibston)

Good opening to this Second section contest.

Soloists all coped well with their parts. Well done Solo Trombone. played with style. Good sound Basses and the full Band sound setting a good marker.

A few intonation issues in the quieter moments but recover well. Well balanced sound in the full band sections with  back row cornets holding the line well.

The band drives the music well to a slick finish

Overall. good marker to set the standard for the morning.

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