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Brass Band Contesting Survey Part 7:

Training and Rules, Youth and University Bands and Final Questions

Brass Bands England (BBE) has launched the final part of the Brass Band Contesting Survey. This part covers the Training and Rules, Youth and University Bands and Final Questions. This survey is designed to find out your views on the current state of brass band contests and if you missed any of the previous parts you can still take part in them too. 

This part now concludes the Survey which has seen responses from over 1,000 individuals which is  possibly the most comprehensive survey of brass band activities ever undertaken, covering every activity in brass band contesting including participants, organisers and volunteers.

The aim of this survey is to look in more detail at views on contests at youth and university, the training requirements within banding and some concluding questions. This part should take about 10-15 minutes to complete. 

To take part in the survey please visit the survey page on ( or to go direct to Part 7 please go to this link (

BBE Partnership and Relationship Development Manager, Alex Parker, commented: “We have been very pleased with both the quantity and quality of people’s responses and we would like to thank every individual who has taken the time to contribute to this significant piece of research into our activities as banders. We will be presenting the results of the survey later in the year and hope to feed some tangible data into the very interesting debates that have been happening during the lockdown.”

All submissions for this and all preceding parts must be received by 15 July 2020 when the forms will all be closed. 

One participant from each part of the survey will be picked at random to receive a year’s free individual membership of Brass Bands England. The winner of the fifth part of the survey has been announced as Dean Evans of Ynyshir Brass Band. Congratulations Dean. We will be in touch to process your membership! 

Alex also added “As this final part of the survey covers youth and university bands, we really want to hear the thoughts and opinions of the people who play in these bands as well as the adults who work so hard to lead them. So if you are the parent of a young brass player please do encourage and support them to let their voices be heard!”

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