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About last year Oktober I started a internetradiostation with the name “Brasstimeradio”. This station is 24/7 nonstop during the week and on Sunday a special program.

It’s a Dutch radiostation located in the Provence Friesland that’s in the north of the Netherlands.

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Brass music in the broadest sense of the word.

“Hafabradio” is a Dutch term that includes several categories in the musical genre: Harmony(symphonic wind), Fanfare (tipcycle Dutchs), Brassband, brassband wind ensembles and also soloists.

In short, everyone playing a brass instrument is part of one of these groups.

All these styles of music are amply represented at this radio station

My motivation:
What has been my motivation to start this internet radio station? It’s the passion for HaFaBra music in general. I must have been around the age of 15 when I first experienced Brass band music. The first sounds were those of the renowned John Foster Black Dyke Mills Band from England, which happened to be an uncle’s favourite band. He played the music at our regular visits. That is where my love for Brass music was born.
But why then? Why the internet radio station? It’s all because of my passion for this music. For decades I have been making a radio show called Brasstime at regional broadcaster RTVnof. Brasstime was started in the ‘90s as a means of letting listeners enjoy local music associations and also several national and international bands.

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