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Statement On 2021 British Open

The organisers of the 2021 British Open Championships, due to take place at Symphony Hall in Birmingham on Saturday September 11th have welcomed the indications outlined in the various proposed ‘roadmaps’ for the stepped removal of Covid-19 restrictions throughout the UK over the coming months.

Following a close study of the advice that will apply to bands in England, Wales and Scotland, and taking into account appropriate European considerations, they state that they hope to be able to make a definitive decision, based on appropriate advice, regulations and guidelines as soon as is practical.  

Speaking to the 4BR website a spokesperson said: “As stated previously, we will continue to monitor the overall position, and will inform all those involved by mid-April at the earliest.  We will be working closely in consultation with Symphony Hall and with the competing bands.  

We are fully aware that the ongoing Covid-19 regulations and guidelines may alter in one or all regions of the UK over the next few months, as well as Europe.  These will be at the forefront of any decision that is made. 

However, we remain cautiously optimistic and eager to be able to provide the brass band world with an event that will have such a positive impact – topped by the finest bands performing a wonderful, and appropriate work in Edward Gregson’s ‘The World Rejoicing’.”

In supporting the statement given to the 4BR website, Edward Gregson said that he was also encouraged by the positive outlook of the news. “Great caution must be taken of course, but I just think that it would be such a huge boost for bands to be able to look forward to a definite date in the diary, and serendipitously through the oldest and most famous brass band competition in the world. 

Personally, of course, to at last hear a work I wrote over nearly three years ago would be such a fulfilling moment. I’ve never had to wait so long for a premiere in my life – but Covid has taught us all many things – and patience has been one of them especially in the crucial months ahead.”

It was also confirmed that tickets for the 2021 British Open will not be going on sale until the position regarding the contest scheduling is decided.

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