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Ten new chances to get BandSafe with BBE’s Online Training Course

Brass Bands England has scheduled a new batch of dates for its flagship safeguarding course, BandSafe, developed in partnership with the NSPCC.

The course, which is popular with the BBE membership, is designed to give brass bands and other music groups confidence in their safeguarding practices. It offers an in-depth look at best-practice across a number of key areas including safeguarding policies and legal requirements when working with young people.

A recent BandSafe participant told BBE:

“It is a real asset to have a point of contact with the knowledge of how the banding movement operates and the important role brass bands can have in the development of the next generation of players in a safe and welcoming environment.“

Bands who complete the course are also able to access BBE’s national BOPA (Body of Persons Approval), covering events taking place in England and Wales. This can reduce the administrative burden of applying for child performance licensing when arranging public events featuring young musicians.

Sam Fisher, BBE’s Safeguarding Officer, said:

“Now that brass bands are returning to performance we know that there is going to be high demand for the BBE BandSafe course, which has proved to be a valuable resource to those who have completed it so far.

So we’re pleased to offer a number of new opportunities to complete BandSafe Online via Zoom. We hope that the virtual nature of the course will enable as many bands as possible, from across the country, to complete this important training.”

BandSafe Online training can be booked via the BBE website.

Find out more about BandSafe.

Confirmed dates for BandSafe Online are as follows:

·Saturday 29 May 2021: 9am – 12.30pm

·Tuesday 8 June 2021: 6 – 9.30pm

·Saturday 12 June 2021: 9am – 12.30pm

·Thursday 17 June 2021: 6 – 9.30pm

·Saturday 3 July 2021: 9am – 12.30pm

·Thursday 8 July 2021: 6 – 9.30pm

·Wednesday 14 July 2021: 6 – 9.30pm

·Tuesday 20 July 2021: 6 – 9.30pm

·Thursday 5 August 2021: 1 – 4.30pm

·Thursday 2 September 2021: 1 – 4.30pm

·Thursday 16 September 2021: 6 – 9.30pm

About BandSafe

Brass Bands England’s BandSafe is an industry leading selection of tools, training and resources to help you manage your band in a way that safeguards all your members from harm. A training workshop, developed with the NSPCC, is tailored to the challenges you might face in a banding environment. The BandSafe toolkit will help you write and implement a robust safeguarding policy. Bands who have completed the BandSafe Training and Toolkit are eligible to use the admin-saving BBE-held BOPA to apply for Child Performance Licensing.

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